A common point of confusion to new referees in our district is with the weird abbreviations.

South West Regional Soccer Association (SWRSA)

The District Association that manages soccer in the Southwest district. Most local leagues have their discipline handled by the District Association so match reports often have to be mailed there as per league instruction. Their website can be accessed here.

Any discipline hearings in the local jurisdiction are conducted here. 44 Beasley Drive will be engraved in your memory for all the snail mail to send!

The District Association employs a District Referee Co-ordinator (volunteer) that is responsible for referee development in the district who is a central point of contact for all referees in the district for any questions and liaises directly with the OSA on district refereeing matters.



South West Soccer Referees’ Association (SWSRA)

Need we say more? You are here! Quite simply SWS-RA. Your local Referees’ Association.

Run by referees for referees.


South West District Soccer League (SWDSL)

The district soccer league that is comprised of L6 to L5 competition in Youth and Senior Open (Mens & Womens).


Let us know if you have confusion on any other things in Southwest and hope this helps!