SWRSA Electronic Submission

SWRSA district is accepting electronic e-mail submission of game sheets and game reports! You can find your game reports (Caution, Ejection, etc.) in our referee resources folders.



The subject line must include the following info. Note putting it in the body is optional but does NOT replace the subject line requirement.

  • League
  • Game Number
  • Referee Name

An example of a subject line is:

KDSL #60 - Referee John Smith

If the league does not have a game number like Grand River Soccer League, please specify the subject as:

<League> <Date> <Home Team> vs <Away Team> <Division> – <Referee Name>

GRSL 09/09/2014 Thunder vs Suspects Mens First - Referee John Smith

This only applies to leagues that don’t have game numbers and not if a gamesheet simply fails to note the game number. The website should source the number.

See the SWRSA news article here.

  • Destination e-mail address is gamereports@swrsa.ca.
  • Common file formats are accepted such as JPG, PNG and PDF.
  • Documents accepted are gamesheets, caution summary forms, dismissal forms and special incident forms. Referee Assault forms must be submitted as a physical copy by snail mail.
  • The documents can be submitted all as one file or in multiple files in the e-mail.
  • Please scan a high quality copy of the gamesheets and reports because they are re-printed at the office and need to be legible. Cellphone pictures will likely not work as a result; flatbed scanner recommended.

No more stamps and snail mail if you have access to a scanner!