What to know about your Match Appointment

If you are ever appointed to games in a new league or division for the first time, always ask yourself the following questions to ensure you are adequately prepared.

The following is still important for any match appointment.

  • Who is the assignor and/or who to contact in the case of emergencies?
  • Which teams are playing?
  • When is the appointment being played (date/time)?
  • Where is the field location and how to get there?
  • What is the expected pre-game arrival time?
  • What is the expected pre-game arrival attire and any mandatory match uniforms?
  • What is the tie-breaking procedure?
  • What is the substitution policy and league-specific rules?
  • What is the procedure for submitting match reports including gamesheets, discipline and special incidents?
  • What are the names and contact info of your crew members for pre-game communication?