Frequently Asked Questions

Who can become a referee?

Anyone on or over the age of 12 years old by the current year March 31st is eligible to take a Small-Sided game course (7v7).

Anyone on or over the age of 14 years old by the current year March 31st is eligible to take an Entry Level course (9v9 & 11v11).

Upon successful completion of these courses (typically held over the course of a weekend), the referee is certified to officiate in the relevant competitions.

How do I become a referee?

See our Become a Referee page. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Is there a cost?

Clinics have associated costs however certain clubs may try to subsidise those costs. The typical Entry Level course fee is $50 and Small-Sided course is $25. This may vary depending on the area, demand as well as what the total fee may include. Some clubs include a starter referee equipment pack in their fee.

Do I get paid for refereeing?

Absolutely! Refereeing is a job like any other. Albeit difficult, there are many rewards for officiating; one of them being a pay cheque.

The average game, depending on the competition, age group and your role in the game can range from $10-$60. See our document on League Rules which lists game fees as well for our various local leagues. Each club has it’s own defined pay scale for referees.

Is there training/help after I become a referee?

Your affiliated club will provide you with support at the early stages. Once you begin officiating in leagues outside a club, your Referees’ Association is your source of training/help. We provide plenty of Member Services to support referees in the area.

What is the cost to joining the Referees’ Association?

If you are under the age of 18, none! It’s absolutely free to attend our meetings.

If you are 18 or over, you are welcome to attend the meetings as a guest however, you would not be eligible to speak or bring up issues. Full members typically pay $25 annually for membership and receive the full benefits.

Where can I get referee equipment to start me off from?

See our page on Referee Equipment Retailers.