SWRSA Electronic Submission

SWRSA district is accepting electronic e-mail submission of game sheets and game reports! You can find your game reports (Caution, Ejection, etc.) in our referee resources folders.



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Welcome to SWSRA

A warm welcome to the SWSRA’s all-new website! We hope to provide you here with all the resources you need to learn about our association and the benefits offered for being a member.

Feel free to comment on this website and keep this great new venture active.

Road to FIFA

This is a question that young referees may wonder as they assess refereeing as a potential career path.

Classification Levels through the Ontario system

  • Youth Referee
    • D1 (12 years old or older)
    • D2 (13 years old or older)
    • D3
    • D4 (14 years old or older)
  • District Referee
    • D5 (16 years old or older)
    • D6 (18 years old or older)
    • D7
    • D8
  • Regional Referee
  • Provincial Referee
  • National AR/Referee
  • FIFA AR/Referee

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