Become a Member

Please complete the pre-registration form at this link:  2019 Online Registration Form
Once completed, membership will be completed once you pay your $30 fee in person to the SWSRA President or Treasurer.

Benefits of being a Member:

Just a few of these are listed in our Member Services section under Referee Resources. They include but are not limited to:

  • Access to a support network of senior referees at all stages of the FIFA progression ladder
  • Education sessions delivered by knowledgeable instructors to improve your knowledge of the Laws of the Game and keep you up-to-date with amendments
  • Request informal assessments on performance from our experienced membership of referees and assessors
  • Exclusive access to consolidated education materials for members-only in our resource-rich Google Drive as well as other member services
  • Liaison for concerns at the district up to the provincial level including the FA, District Association and Provincial RA
  • Representation and support at an OSA hearing that the referee is summoned to
  • Purchase of the RA stock of badges, coins, wallets, polos etc.
  • Discounts/offers from local businesses including physiotherapy and massages