Discipline Hearings

As a member, if you are contacted/notified about a discipline hearing from SWRSA, OSA or a particular league, please contact our executive immediately.

You are eligible to receive representation.

Reasons you may be called in to a disciplinary hearing may include:

  • The accused party has requested the game officials’ attendance for a hearing resulting from a dismissal report submitted by said official.
  • A reported infraction for misconduct committed by a game official as listed on Table 9: Standard Penalties for Misconduct by a Game Official. This includes but is not limited to a referee no-show, late or incomplete reports.
  • Referee Assault


  • Discuss the incident and ensure the referee crew has a unified agreement on the facts of the incident
  • Stick to the facts of your report and don’t add any unnecessary detail; any deviation gives the impression of uncertainty
  • Don’t be afraid to say that you don’t know the answer to a question if that is the case
  • Dress well as it sets a first impression
  • Arrive early. Failure to attend a hearing can result in indefinite suspension from all soccer (including refereeing) and/or fines. Arriving late can carry a penalty as well.

Hearing dates are typically posted by SWRSA (if applicable) here.

Almost as important as the job that we do on the field is the one we do off it and clearly discipline reports have to be an accurate reflection of the observations we have at the time.

Howard Webb, FIFA World Cup Final 2010 Referee