Off-season Fitness

Starting in November and ending in April, various members get together weekly to run interval training in order to stay fit for the next season.

Time of Week
Saturday afternoons or evenings
Thursday evenings (in Guelph)
Sometimes Wednesday evenings

Varies between Waterloo Rec Centre in Waterloo and Activa in Kitchener. When a run is scheduled, we ensure there is no charge. This is a huge privilege to us in KW as there are many facilities across Ontario that require a referee’s investment in order to stay fit during the winter.

Photos of the facilities below respectively.


activaSportsplex activaTrack

When snow is off the ground, we usually choose a local high school’s track.


  1. We start by walking one or two laps then stretching.
  2. Run for 30 seconds
  3. Walk for 40 seconds
  4. Repeat steps 2 & 3 twenty times. (Takes approximately 23-24 minutes)
  5. Cooldown by walking two or three laps

We are more concerned with preparing for the duration of each phase rather than the distance, although when we go outdoors on a proper track we do mark off the appropriate distances (150m for Step 2, 50m for Step 3).

Don’t worry if you can’t keep up, or if you need to take breaks.  Just take a walk break to catch your breath, bring your heart rate down, then join back in next lap.  You will improve over time.

Want to Join?
Email swsra.secretary@gmail to be included in the running group.