Referee Assignors

This page is dedicated to guidance on being appointed games in the Southwest district and covers games scheduled up to the Provincial level.

The following document summarises the rules for each league (Rules of the Competition) but is not a thorough guide. In the event of a conflict, the officially-listed league rules always takes precedence. It is still the full responsibility of the game official to know the Rules of the Competition which extends further than this summary. It is recommended that this guide simply be used as an on-field guide/reminder and not a substitute for the pre-match preparation where the referee must read through and be aware of the RoC. The document is only valid for the course of the season it is dated for.


The document includes a list of all referee assignors for OSA-sanctioned competition in the Southwest district. The likelihood of being appointed games depends on the referee’s grade level and other factors e.g. a new referee would not be appointed games in Provincial competition. Each league has a minimum referee grade level requirement that must be met.


If you are looking to go beyond the reach of Southwest for games, contact the District Referee Co-ordinator (DRC) for the relevant district through this contact list.

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